The AGRAL Project

The AGRAL (Advanced Green Aluminum Anodes) project aims at developing the manufacturing technologies of a specific cermet (called AGRAL cermet ) that has shown (during lab scale tests) outstanding properties in high temperature and corrosive media. This new technology could reduce carbon emission during the aluminium production.More precisely, if the objectives are met within the project, this AGRAL cermet will enable the aluminium industry to envisage the replacement of their current carbon anode by this inert anode thus decreasing to zero the direct CO2 emission during electrolysis process.

Consequently this AGRAL cermet will be developed and tested for two applications:

  • the inert anode for the aluminium electrolysis (up to industrial scale in Aluminium Pechiney (AP) premises)
  • hydrogen and fuel cell interconnect protection (up to pre-prototype scale).
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Latest news


Midterm overview of SILC II projects, 9th December 2016, Brussels

Published on décembre 19, 2016

Meeting in Brussels to follow-up the SILC II projects which have been launched in May 2015. Good feed-back, the programs are validated.



Quarterly Project Committee, 7th December 2016, Duiven – Netherlands

Published on décembre 19, 2016

The 4th project committee, mid-term meeting, took place on the FST’ site on the 7th and 8th of December 2016. The Steering Committee was held on the first day and the second day was dedicated to the technical workshops. The partners’ exchanges have been excellent and the next steps have been defined.



Quarterly Project Committee, 26th May 2016, Dunkirk – France

Published on juillet 6, 2016

The 3rd project committee took place on the site of RTA’ Dunkirk smelter, 26th of May 2016 for the Steering Committee, 27th for the technical workshops. The partners had good discussion on the ongoing work and results. It was also an opportunity for the partners to visit the plant and see the current carbon anode process.

AGRAL Dunkirk 2016 05 26-1