Rio Tinto Aluminium Pechiney

Rio Tinto is a leading international mining company involved in each stage of metal and mineral production. The Group is listed on the London Stock Exchange and Australian Securities Exchange under the symbol RIO. Rio Tinto’s major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, coal, iron ore, uranium, gold and industrial minerals.

Building on more than a century of experience and expertise, The Aluminium product group of Rio Tinto is a global leader in the aluminium industry. We are one of the world’s largest producers of high quality bauxite, alumina and aluminium worldwide and our AP™ smelting technology is the industry benchmark.

Our leadership is reinforced by our:

  • Access to the largest and best quality bauxite reserves in the industry.
  • Benchmark smelting technology.
  • Enviable hydropower position, which delivers significant competitive advantages in today’s carbon constrained world.

Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials IFAM, Branch lab Dresden

IFAM Dresden is specialised in composite and gradient materials, functional materials as well as highly porous metals. Further, we conduct feasibility studies and manufacture prototypes and small series of components and functional models, We offer material solutions and parts for different areas: automotive industry, electronics, power engineering, mechanical engineering, biomaterials, aerospace industry.

Skills gathered in the AGRAL consortium:

  • Powder Metallurgy Process
  • Optimization of the interface AGRAL cermet/substrate
  • Characterization of anode

Flame SprayTechnologies BV

FLAME SPRAY TECHNOLOGIES is a dynamic, innovative, experienced and hands-on company committed to quality and customer service. Flame Spray Technologies has always been at the forefront of supplying the Thermal Spray industry with:
Turnkey Systems and Projects
Thermal Spray Equipment including Combustion Wire/Powder, Wire Arc, Plasma and HVOF
Auxiliary equipment including: Powder Feeders, Robots, Turn Tables, Dust Collectors, Heat Exchangers, etc.

Thermal Spray Materials including Ceramic, Carbide, Metal/Alloy Powders, Wires and Masking Tapes. Further, Flame Spray Technologies and H.C. Starck have signed a materials and technology partnership to jointly develop the market, and provide technology to this market through joint know-how and knowledge. Flame Spray Technologies is able to offer the leading brand of AMPERIT®.
Thermal Spray Spare Parts for most available thermal spray torches
Application & Coating Technology know-how transfer and development
Full service and support
Advise in health and safety issues

Skills gathered in the AGRAL consortium:

  • Thermal coating
  • Optimization of the interface AGRAL cermet/substrate
  • Life Cycle Analysis and economic viability
  • Transferability study of the AGRAL cermet to the hydrogen and fuel cell application and development of the adequate coating process

Commission à l’énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives

CEA is a French Governmental Research Organization devoted to both fundamental and industrial R&D in the field of energy, information and health technologies and defence.

For the purpose of the AGRAL project, two CEA teams will be involved.

First, the LITEN institute (Laboratory of Innovations for New Energies Technologies), located in Grenoble. With 750 permanent staff, it addresses the following energy applications: hybrid components for micro-power sources, solar thermal and photovoltaic energies, hydrogen production and storage, batteries and fuel cells (SOFC and PEFC (Proton Exchange Fuel Cell)). They develop technological prototypes for these applications and evaluate them in representative conditions, and they also analyse the benefits of these technologies thanks to techno-economical and life cycle assessment. Researchers from the Hydrogen Components and System Section will be involved in the project.

Second, CEA Le Ripault, which is a CEA research center with 600 permanent staff located in the region of Tours, and more particularly the DMAT (Materials studies Department). Its activities deal with high performance and energetic materials. For the AGRAL project the studies will be carried out in the Ceramic and Advanced Components Laboratory which is specialized in ceramic processing and electrochemistry. The lab stands a leading position in the development of innovative materials and processes in the field of new technologies for energy and particularly for the optimization of the structure of the fuel cell materials : thickness porosity, density, interface layer, etc…. For more than ten years, CEA-DMAT is a partner of CEA LITEN for the design and set-up of advanced fuel cell systems.

Skills gathered in the AGRAL consortium:

  • Life Cycle Analysis and economic viability
  • Transferability study of the AGRAL cermet to the hydrogen and fuel cell application and development of the adequate coating process

Ecoinnovazione srl

Ecoinnovazione is an ENEA spin-off (Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), whose area of expertise is related to the sustainability assessment of products, services and systems according to a life cycle perspective.

In AGRAL Ecoinnovazione is leader of WP7. The main taks will be to evaluate the potential environmental and economic impact of the new anode with the techniques of Attributional LCA, Consequential LCA and Environmental Life Cycle Costing. LCI datasets will be also developed, compliant with PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) requirements.

Skills gathered in the AGRAL consortium:

  • Transferability study of the AGRAL cermet to the hydrogen and fuel cell application and development of the adequate coating process

École nationale d’ingénieurs de Saint-Etienne

Ecole Nationale d’Ingénieurs de Saint Etienne is a state engineering school which belongs to the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR). ENISE research policy is strongly oriented towards industry. The “Additive Manufacturing Processes” (PFA) research group of DIPI (Diagnostics and Engineering of Industrial Processes) laboratory is involved in the project.

Skills gathered in the AGRAL consortium:

  • Thermal coating
  • Life Cycle Analysis and economic viability
  • Transferability study of the AGRAL cermet to the hydrogen and fuel cell application and development of the adequate coating process

Bodycote Specialist Technologies

With HIP facilities in 10 locations and 6 countries, Bodycote is the world’s leading provider of HIP processing for the both the densification and characterisation of castings and the manufacture of complex near net shape powder HIP components. The encapsulation and HIP technology allows a freedom in design, and the bonding of bi-metallic components which is not possible using conventional processes.

Improvements in mechanical properties, fatigue life, wear and corrosion resistance coupled with reduced machining time and the possibility to integrate parts and significantly reduce welding and inspection time are just a few of the unique benefits which are used in aerospace, extrusion tooling, subsea, oil and gas and food technology industries.

Institute for Materials Applications in Mechanical Engineering (IWM) at RWTH Aachen University

IWM offers research in the fields of powder metallurgy and technical ceramics as well as in the area of strength related questions regarding materials and components made of metals, ceramics and their combinations. In our research projects we follow both directions: application related research with a clear focus on practical problems in industry and fundamental research in order to improve and develop our methodology. In the education of students we offer lectures on materials science and technology, process technology and materials strength.
In the scope of AGrAl, we contribute to the development of HIP and HIP cladding with a focus on technology development and capsule design supported by numerical simulation of the HIP process.

Main Focus
Mechanical characterization under multiple loading situations, specially under fatigue and creep loads; thermophysical properties; design and joining ceramic-metal; multi scale numerical simulations (FEM); powder metallurgical processes.

Skills gathered in the AGRAL consortium:

  • Development of process technology for encapsulated HIP (powder processing, encapsulation, filling and evacuation, HIP, encapsulation)
  • Microstructural and mechanical characterization of metallic and ceramic materials
  • Shape prediction of HIP process by numerical simulation

Cronite CZ / Cronite Mancelle

Fixtures and parts manufacturing in refractory alloys for heat treatment, incineration, power generation, steel, automotive and aerospace industries.